Have termites, bed bugs, insects, or rodents invaded your home, garage or other structures on your property? If so, they can be more than just annoying, they can be doing severe damage to the structure of your property even as you read this.

BUGS R US has been in business more than 20 years servicing the Greater Toronto Area. We are a complete pest control company that specializes in Termites, Bed Bugs, Insects, Rodents and Real Estate Inspections.

At BUGS R US, we know what kinds of pests are common in the GTA, and, after 20 years, we have developed both the experience and expertise to deal with them. We will answer all of your questions to reassure you that we can quickly get to the root of the problem.

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No Yearly Renewal Fees! The competition charges $300+ yearly to inspect your home.

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— Our Competitors Charge $250+ —

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Bugs r Us aims to be at the forefront of environmentally safer and the most effective termite & bed bugs extermination pest control solutions. Years of experience, customer feedback, and record tracking help us to provide our customers with the most reliable treatments, with the lowest impact on the environment. Our termite control treatments are 100% effective, every single time!

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What our Clients say

  • Mike was amazing…he guarantees his work for a year and tells you what to do to avoid mice in the future. I have had to call him a few times because of my paranoia and he keeps checking in to make sure that everything is in order and as it should be. I would highly recommend him.

    — Liz —
  • When I found fleas inside my home my first thought was for my 3.5 yr old son. I needed the problem taken care of immediately. Thank goodness for Michael at Bugs R Us. He arrived at my home in under 2 hours and canister in hand rid my home of the pests in a single application. The story doesn’t end there tho. To my disgust, some days later I discovered the source of the infestation to be a family of raccoons living under my shed. I called Michael and left a message. He returned, and treated my place in no time.

    — Mark Bullen —
  • Michael at Bugs R US has been spraying the exterior of my property for more than ten years to prevent carpenter ant infestation. Always a thorough job. His service is highly recommended.

    — Henry Weinstein —
  • We had to ring Mike because our family couldn’t sleep from the scratching noises the mice were making around the house. He arrived quickly, identified the entry points, gave us homework to fix some holes and explained each step along the way. The bait he left was effective and slowly the solution worked. He did have to come back several times to leave more bait and alleviate our panic but with patience (and his 90 day guarantee) we solved it safely and humanely.

    — Miss T —
  • I had been watching black ants in my house all winter and decided to call Bugs R Us to see if they could help. Michael showed up in an unmarked van, sprayed the house and provided a 90 day guarantee. He did a great job explaining why the ants where there, and how to keep them out in the future. Would not hesitate to recommend.

    — EP —
  • I had a crisis when someone brought their cats into my house and they had flees. So I called Micheal and he came and sprayed the areas and others areas where they could have travelled. He said that this spray will last for 6 weeks. If there is any problem he will come back and re-spray if needed. All the areas are free and clear. I was very happy with his excellent service

    — Lady From Marion St Toronto —
  • I can’t even express how grateful I am to Mike. I was the unfortunate victim of bedbugs, and then an unfortunate victim of another Pest company that took total ADVANTAGE of my little knowledge of what to do about these critters. I spent several nightmarish months with this other company who bled me for more than the bugs did!, THEN I found Mike at Bugs R Us. He showed up at my place and did exactly what I wanted someone to do, he took charge, was re-assuring, super knowledgeable

    — A.K. East York —
  • We discovered a carpenter ant problem last summer over our garage, and this summer we discovered that they may have burrowed a new home into our roof! I promptly called Mike from Bugs R Us, and he came right away. He was super professional and told me exactly what the problem was and why the ants liked to keep coming back and he outlined in detail how we can make our home less inviting to bugs and creepy crawlers.

    — A Torontonian —
  • My partner and I started hearing some odd noises coming from the floor in the front of our house. Eventually that noise turn into a raccoon fight, screeching and screaming from the floor boards. I have no clue how they got in there but everyday we would hear them. Finally we called Mike from BUGS ARE US on the recommendation from a friend up the street. Mike came and spoke with me, he explained the plan of attack because the mother raccoon had babies things would be a little more complicated.

    — Lauren Leslieville —
  • Owner is professional, knowledgable and did a great job in a prompt manner. I would highly recommend this company to someone looking to deal with ants or squirrels. First rate company. Excellent.

    — Dee Leaside —

Altriset Termiticide

Altriset is the latest generation of termiticide with the lowest toxicity level of all termiticides. Altriset’s is reported as having no effect on animals, bees or plants and has no odor, fumes, color or taste. It has a transfer effect between termites through grooming and feeding. Altriset is the best termiticide in the world to take care of the Canadian subterranean termite.

  • Exteriminates in less than 3 months
  • Halts termite feeding within hours
  • Provides residual effect for more than 10 years
  • Non-repellent materials undetected by termites
  • Altriset: First and still only “Reduced-Risk” termiticide

  • Impacts behavior of termites by enhancing grooming and communication in termite colony
  • Unique mode of action like no other termite control products
  • Non-repellent materials undetected by termites
  • Excellent environment profile and with low toxicity to mamals but effective on termites

Your family and neighbors can enjoy a termite free environment with a 1 Year Guarantee and minimal impact on the environment and surrounding areas of your home.

At Bugs R Us we get the homeowner involved in the process by inspecting your bait stations monthly, starting in May. You can call us to treat any infested stations which will kill trespassing termite colonies. When there are no termites found in the bait stations this will prove your house is termite free, which eliminates the cost of an expensive yearly renewal program.

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